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NCTA Pride Month Poster
Internal Event

Internet Speed Infographic
NCTA Blog / Twitter Imagery

NCTA Platform (Blog) 
Branded Graph

Asian - Jewish American Celebration Poster
NCTA, 2017

NCTA Platform (Blog) Infographic

State of Gaming Infographic
NCTA Blog / Twitter Imagery

The Near Future Infographic
TNF Washington DC, 2017
Used in Presentations, Online, and as a Congressional Information tool

Personal Website Proposal (Freelance Work)

The Near Future Speaker Presentation Template

"Open Internet" Full Page Washington Post advertisement,  NCTA May 2017

"Reciprocal Mentoring" Youth Program  / HR Mentorship Proposal, 
NCTA 2016

Digital & Print Ad Campaign, INTX 2016

CableFax Print Strip Ad (magazine)

Event App Advertisement -
Full Page Tablet

"Disruption" CableFax Magazine Strip Ad (Print)

Twitter Card

"TED AT INTX" Ad Campaign, INTX 2016

728x90 created for ReCode

Twitter Card

300x250 created for ReCode

"LOBSTAH TANK" Startup Ad Campaign, INTX 2016

BostInno Instagram Ad

BostInno Banner


BostInno 440x200